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”Razor-sharp social satire… grotesque, compelling, and utterly original, this much-anticipated print debut definitely lives up to the hype.” Staff Picks

"Socially conscious with a biting sense of humor... get lost in the wildly imaginative mind of one of the industry's most promising up-and-coming creators" - The Onion AV Club

A finalist in Japan's GAIMAN awards.

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M83 - Go! (2016)
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Part of Paste Magazine's Songs Illustrated feature, drawn in co-operation with Mute Records and M83.  A tale of love across time and space. It was fun pacing the story so that the fight scene would coincide exactly with Steve Vai's guitar solo. 

Little Nemo on 23rd Street (2014)
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Part of the multiple Eisner and Harvey award-winning anthology “Little Nemo- Dream Another Dream”. I wrote in-depth about the creation of this piece below.
Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

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We Are Robin #4 (2015)
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“Every part of the art feels like nothing else in comics… while [his previous work] certainly hinted towards his potential, his talent is immense and undeniable on We Are Robin.” -


Bartkira Nuclear Edition (2016)
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A book I edited in tribute to both Akira and The Simpsons, which it turns out go together like avocados and chocolate, or peanut butter and pickle juice (that is to say: unexpectedly well.)

“ A triumphant work of postmodernist mash-up culture…. not just a well-curated art project, but one of many indications of the mass resurgence of [Akira's] fixture in the zeitgeist of 21st-century pop culture.”  
- Paste Magazine

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Older Comics

So You’re Going To Die (2013) 
Winner of Best In Category - Small & Self Publishers Illustrated at the New England Book Show.

A Long Day Of Mr. James Teacher (2011) 

Oh, Daphny: Jail (2009)

Super Mario Bros. (2008) 


I carried out art direction duties on this animated music video for Lindsey Sterling in 2015.

Here’s Consentacle, a card game I did the art for in 2014.
Winner of Indiecade 2015's Impact Award.

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