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A finalist in Japan's GAIMAN awards.
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Bartkira Nuclear Edition (2016)
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A book I edited in tribute to both Akira and The Simpsons, which it turns out go together like avocados and chocolate, or peanut butter and pickle juice (that is to say: unexpectedly well.)

“ A triumphant work of postmodernist mash-up culture…. not just a well-curated art project, but one of many indications of the mass resurgence of [Akira's] fixture in the zeitgeist of 21st-century pop culture.”  
- Paste Magazine

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Little Nemo on 23rd Street (2014)
Part of the multiple Eisner and Harvey award-winning anthology “Little Nemo- Dream Another Dream”.

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M83 - Go! (2016)
Part of Paste Magazine's Songs Illustrated feature, drawn in co-operation with Mute Records and M83.  A tale of love across time and space.

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We Are Robin #4 (2015)
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“Every part of the art feels like nothing else in comics… while [his previous work] certainly hinted towards his potential, his talent is immense and undeniable on We Are Robin.” -

DOOM PATROL: Weight Of The Worlds #1, #2 (2019)


Older Comics

So You’re Going To Die (2013) 
Winner of Best In Category - Small & Self Publishers Illustrated at the New England Book Show.

A Long Day Of Mr. James Teacher (2011) 

Oh, Daphny: Jail (2009)

Super Mario Bros. (2008) 


I carried out art direction duties on this animated music video for Lindsey Sterling in 2015.

Here’s Consentacle, a card game I did the art for in 2014.
Winner of Indiecade 2015's Impact Award.

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